Hunt Cost and Booking

Our Bear Hunts are 4600 US dollars all inclusive! For a 6 day 1 on 1 Spot and Stalk Spring Bear Hunting Trip.

NOTE: Most Bear hunts are priced at 2 to 1 and have additional hidden fees. This is an all-inclusive 1 on 1 adventure.

Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunts

Live the hunt and enjoy the excitement and challenge of exploring Alberta‚Äôs pristine Boreal Forest Region and locating trophy bears as they feed along Cut Blocks, Pipe Lines, South Facing Slopes, and Meadows. If that’s not enough to get you excited then hang on as we check the wind carefully and plan a stalk to get you up close and personal with the trophy of your dreams.

All our Bear Hunts are Fair Chase Spot and Stalk. You and your experienced guide will travel scouted areas by UTV, Pick up or on foot as we try to locate a mature trophy bear. These hunts are not guaranteed, but we will do everything in our power to ensure maximum effort is being put into your hunt, that you have a great time, and leave with memories that you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Our primary focus is on Spring Bear hunts when the snow begins to melt and the bears start emerging from their winter dens with regenerated coats and claws. Bears are very active this time of year searching for calories that they so desperately need after hibernation. We will start hunting in the early afternoons and stay out until last legal shooting light. Generally, a hunter can expect to do some hiking to get into certain spots and also if we are trying to close the distance on a trophy bear that we have decided to stalk. Spot and Stalk Bear hunting require patience and a lot of glassing, so quality optics are a must for the hunter. Expect to spend time driving in a utility vehicle or pickup truck as we search for bears throughout the afternoon on various logging roads, pipelines, clear cuts, south facing slopes, river banks and open fields.

The zones in which we hunt have a two-bear limit which means that each hunter can potentially harvest two Trophy Black or Color Phased Bears. This is a fair chase hunt and is targeted to hunters who enjoy a challenge, want to push themselves, enjoy the outdoors and most importantly respect the animals we are hunting. We will not harvest non-trophy juvenile bears just to fill the second tag. This ensures that we maintain a healthy, vibrant bear population that can be hunted and enjoyed for generations to come.

Mature adult boars over 6 feet will be the focus of the hunt. Both Boone and Crocket, as well as Pope and Young Bears, have been harvested in this area. This is an adrenaline high, fast pace and exhilarating hunt for Bow and Riffle Hunters alike. Never hunted Black Bears before? Let me show you why it is becoming one of the most popular hunts in North America today.

This includes:

1 Black or Colour Phase Bear

Wolf and Coyote License if requested!

Government Taxes

All Home Cooked Meals and Non-Alchoholic Beverages

Comfortable Wall Tent Accomodations

Hot Showers

Transport to and from Edmonton International Airport

Trophy Preparation

Basic Butchering De-Boning, Vacuum Sealing of Meat if requested!


Non-Hunter $115 per Day Fee

Gratuities for your Guide and Cook

Any expenses incurred before or after your hunt including but not limited to; air transportation, accommodations, meals, car rentals.

There are a limited number of hunts available, so booking ahead is necessary. A 50% deposit is required to secure your hunt (personal cheques accepted). The balance due can be paid upon arrival in camp but must be made in guaranteed funds only (cash, certified cheque, traveler cheque).

Remember it is important to express your interest early in order to accommodate any special requests.

Deposits are non refundable under any circumstance but may be transferred to another hunter in the same year up to 30 days prior to arrival. All prices are in US funds.

Hunt Dates

Pick up in Edmonton Every Sunday and Drop off in Edmonton the following Sunday (6 days of hunting)

April 29 to May 6

May 6 to May 13

May 13 to May 20

May 20 to May 27

May 27 to June 3

Booking a year or more in advance:

If booking a year in advance a small deposit of $500.00 per hunter will hold your hunt until the December before your hunt. At this time the remainder of your deposit must be sent in order to continue to hold your hunt.

Trophy Care 

Trophies will be skinned and frozen unless hunter requests full skinning (turning ears, lips, and salting). Hunter can arrange to keep meat but must notify the outfitter prior to the hunt. Hunters have the option of using Drop Tine Taxidermy or taking their trophy with them.

Wounded Game 

Wounding of Wildlife is an unfortunate aspect of hunting and should be avoided at all costs. Hunters are expected to be familiar and proficient with their firearm. Shooting should be practised off of sticks, free-hand, and in prone position (not just off a bench) prior to your hunting trip. Upon arrival to base-camp hunters will be expected to demonstrate shooting skill and check riffle accuracy before commencing the hunt. In most hunting situations the hunter will have plenty of time to set up the shot from a stable rest at a comfortable shooting distance. All hunters  have different experience and skill levels, wether this is your first hunt or one of many, as a hunter you have a responsibility to be ethical and are expected to be aware of your skill and comfort level in order to make accurate shooting decisions.

In the event that an animal is wounded and can not be recovered, it will be considered harvested.