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Why hunt with Raven North? 

There are many choices and outfitters out there, we don’t say that we are the best or that we have the biggest trophies. We have a passion for serious hardcore hunting and enjoy every minute that we are out there. Memorable hunts are not just about the trophy at the end of the week they are about the journey you take to get that trophy.

At Raven North we don’t just want to take you on a hunt we want to give you the experience of a lifetime.


The Area

Located 3 Hours North of Edmonton in the 115 Million acres of the Boreal Forest Region of Alberta,  this area is larger than all of Sweden and is home to a diverse population of mammals, birds and plant life. Prominent mammals in the forest include, Moose, Elk, Bison, Black Bear, Grizzly, Wolf, White Tail Deer, Mule Deer, Lynx, Otter, Fox, Coyote, and Woodland Caribou. The area consists mostly of coniferous trees with some deciduous trees as well. Species include Black and White Spruce, Jack and Lodge Pole Pine, Balsam Fir, American Larch, Paper Birch, Trembling Aspen, and Balsam Poplar. Berries are a staple food source for Black Bears and are found throughout the Boreal Forest in abundance. Some of the berries you will find are: Salmon Berries, Blue Berries, Large Cranberries, High Bush Berries, Red and Black Huckleberries. There are three main rivers in the Boreal Forest. They are the Peace River, Athabasca, and the North Saskatchewan River. Fish species found in these rivers include Burbot , Gold Eye/Moon Eye, Lake Sturgeon, Northern Pike Alberta Angling Record = 17.2 kg), Sauger, Sucker, Walleye and Arctic Greyling.

The Boreal Forest has four main seasons, the longest of them being the winter, followed by a mild cloudy spring and a cool sunny summer.


Focussed mainly on the hunt, we have decided to remain mobile and have the freedom to move into different areas rather than be committed to a single lodge. Hunters will stay in premium quality wall tents with heating. Not only does this increase the charm and feeling of being away on a true Canadian hunting adventure, but also allows the outfitter to set camp in strategic locations to increase the odds of success and trophy quality. Hot showers and healthy home-cooked meals can be expected. Hunters will receive hearty health-oriented lunches that will provide them with the protein and lasting energy they need to remain focussed and strong for the duration of their hunting day. Weather permitting, we will all enjoy a nice campfire under the stars and share hunting stories and laughs before slipping off to a peaceful sleep in our comfortable cots dreaming of the excitement and adventure that the next day of hunting will bring.


Company expirience

At Raven North we don’t just want to take you on a hunt we want to give you the experience of a lifetime.

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